Photos of Women by Doyle Wesley Walls

"That," he says, "isn't art. It's more direct than art. That woman's body swaying up there . . . is a dish of beef steak . . . a cup of gin . . . a shot of camphor . . . Hormone, streptomycin, uranium." --from Akira Kurosawa's classic film, IKIRU

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Hello, to those of you reblogging my photography of women on Tumblr straight from my Flickr account:

I write you here because I don’t see a way to write you on your Tumblr site.  There’s no “ask me anything” or “comment” spot that I can find.

I appreciate the reblogs, and especially the fact that you are kind and fair enough to include tags with my name, etc., but I ask that you reblog from my own Tumblr instead of from my Flickr.  One, I don’t get to see the reblogs on my own posting on Tumblr.  In a sense, you are getting my reblog credits.  As I explain in the text I wrote yesterday (included below this message), you’re getting more reblog credits on Tumblr than I am from my own work.  Two, anyone clicking on the tags you so fairly give, cannot follow those tags onto my Flickr unless they have Flickr accounts (they’re blocked by Flickr, not me, because the shots are rated “moderate” or “restricted,” not “safe”).  They could see the photos I’ve taken of women on Tumblr without being blocked the way Flickr does.  Three, the people who reblog my work on your site aren’t directed to my own Tumblr.  I’d like to have some viewers, too, especially for my own work.  I work to make these photos.  I create the actual photos; I’m not reblogging them from somewhere else.  I’m not even getting paid for this.  An occasional kind word or reblog means something to me.  Thanks for your consideration.  Here’s the link I’d like to have you follow if you’re interested in my photos of women and are interested in reblogging some of that work on Tumblr:


© Doyle Wesley Walls  — The Exceptional Carlotta

I see that this photo I took was reblogged on Tumblr straight from my Flickr (with full credit given to me, my Flickr site, etc.) by that Tumblr site.  This photo has 32 notes on that other Tumblr site and only 9, as of today, on my own Tumblr dedicated solely to photos I’ve taken of women:  That information helps answer a question for me:  “This photo only has 9 notes?”  Another one of my shots on Tumblr—of Aria Giovanni—has over 1,000 notes.  But that first reblog of my photo on Tumblr came straight from my Tumblr, so, despite the fact that most people saw my photo and reblogged it from that large Tumblr site or a few other large Tumblr sites that immediately picked it up from that original large Tumblr site instead of my own, the notes kept building on my original Tumblr post.  All this is to say that I learned something about Tumblr stats today.